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Mid-Year Check-in: A Quick Creative Writing Refresher

We've crossed the halfway point of 2023 and it's the perfect time to do a "time check" on your project's progress.

We've covered some helpful and inspirational guidance for starting, continuing, and completing your creative writing project. From structuring blog posts to increasing your book's word count and working through writer's block, let's take a look back to help energize your strides moving forward.

Time flies by quickly, and, unfortunately, it won’t stop just because you're exhausted or frustrated. Now for the upside; I know you can find 30 minutes daily to dedicate to your writing, small business, or passion project. And those 30-minute increments can have a lasting impact over time. Read More

As you're writing those amazing words, keep in mind what your audience wants to read. These expectations aren’t meant to box you in but to make sure your readers come back for more and more of your work. Read More

Writer’s block happens to the best writers, no matter the medium. Or maybe it’s just in our heads, and we need to heed Nikki Giovanni’s words; “There is no such thing as writer’s block. There is only not enough information. If you can't write, learn something.” And we agree—learn something, go somewhere, talk to others, and do something to help you move past this moment. Read More

While some of us are hoping that pollen season is passing by, April is a great time to watch plants of the world bloom into amazing, poetic masterpieces…Use these tips to feed your creativity and trust that your words will blossom into masterpieces that rival the spring flowers. Read More

I’m not going to lie, I want to say don’t edit your first draft no matter what, but that’s not possible for most of us. My rationale behind wanting to give that advice is that editing kills creativity. Worry about getting all your words out, not how perfect they are. Read More

With every creator, the production process is different. Some painters can complete their vision in one sitting, but others paint then walk away for days or weeks and then repeat this process until it’s done. For music artists, some need to write down lyrics before entering the booth, while others freestyle depending on their mood and the beat that speaks to them. Read More

Working on creative writing projects can seem like a marathon sometimes, so learn how to pace yourself and build internal motivation to get you over that finish line. We will continue to share more helpful tips and resources for you along the way.

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