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Ways to Make Time for Your Words

How many times have you thought to yourself, “There are not enough hours in the day to do X, Y or Z!” It feels that way because it's partially true. In our fast paced world, so many things are pulling your attention in different directions. Time flies by quickly, and, unfortunately, it won’t stop just because you're exhausted or frustrated. Now for the upside; I know you can find 30 minutes daily to dedicate to your writing, small business, or passion project. And those 30 minute increments can have a lasting impact over time.

Fuel Your Passion in neon lights

So where are you going to find this extra time in your schedule? Ask yourself these questions. Can I wake up 30 minutes earlier or go to bed 30 minutes later to get those thoughts out? What about 15 minutes at lunch and another 15 minutes while dinner is cooking? If there is just no wiggle room, then think unconventionally. I highly recommend downloading a speech-to-text app to capture words while you’re in traffic or going for a walk. Your passion deserves your time.

Try these steps when making time for your passion:

  • Use the H.E.R. Legacy (HL) Weekly Planner to log how each day goes. This will help to identify timeslots where you can work on your project.

  • Protect that time. Stay off your phone, find a space to work, and set a timer.

  • Consistency is key. You may not be able to do the same time each day, but you can find unique times daily to dedicate to your project. Let the HL planner guide you.

  • Connect with Team H.E.R. to discuss how to use that time to complete your project.

You can complete your short story, book, business plan, or whatever your project may be, but you have to make time and remain consistent with your words. Quincy Jones reminds us that the process is the beautiful part of getting our creative minds introduced to the world. Don’t allow outside obstacles to keep you from focusing on your work. If you don’t complete it, your voice and legacy will be missed. The time is there, so find it.

Stay accountable for your daily words. Connect with our team to get your creative blueprint together.

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