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Josephine Smith


Service: Writer Accountability Program (Accelerated)

"June 7th… that is when I hit 20,000 words. I started writing this book in September of last year. And it took me until June to hit 20,000 words. NINE months. Now, in a little under a month’s time, I have added 20,000 more words. Thank you! I don’t even remember how I first came across [H.E.R. Legacy's] page, but I’m so glad I did. I can feel this book coming to an end soon, and I have you to thank for that. They say give people their flowers while they can still smell them. I just wanted you to know I appreciate your help, guidance, and motivation, and for providing me with the tools I need to make this dream a reality. Much love! "

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 11.13.54 AM.png

Anginique Walker

A.P. Walker Consulting | Owner & Business Consultant

Services: Content Proofreading, Content Strategy, & Social Media Graphics

"The H.E.R. Legacy team was instrumental in ensuring that the web content for my business consulting website was clear and concise.  They also provided necessary recommendations on how I can maximize my SEO.  I truly value H.E.R. Legacy's thorough work, responsiveness and commitment to the success of my business."


Shanna Grant

Everything I Luv | Blogger

Service: Blogger Kick-Starter

"I had always wanted to share some things that were going on in my life with the world but I hadn’t a clue about how to start the process. When I had my first consultation with Niccole about my ideas, she listened and helped me turn thoughts into a blueprint for a testimonial lifestyle blog. The Blogger Kickstart Program is everything rolled into one if you’re like me and you need support, knowledge, and accountability in getting your ideas off the ground. I successfully launched my blog EVERYTHING I LUV and I could not have done it without this program. I will forever be grateful to the H.E.R. Legacy Media company for helping me turn my dream into a reality."


Shelley Dorsett

Absolutely Shell | Blogger

Service: Blogger Kick-Starter

"The H.E.R. Legacy team was nothing short of superb. Niccole’s personality, encouragement, and guidance allowed me to be completely authentic. I was provided with all the tools and resources that I will need forever. I was taught how to structure my thoughts, how to build my blog site, where and how to search for media, and how present engaging content. Niccole walked with me personally through each edit, secured my logo/brand, and connected me to an awesome photographer. Working with H.E.R. Legacy company has been one of the best decisions. I highly recommend them to everyone!"

Tenisha Hendon

Craftimony | Owner & Crafter

Service: Blogger Kick-Starter

"I've had so many ideas cross my mind around how to communicate about my custom craft business but it wasn't until Niccole guided me through the ins and outs of blogging that I truly understood the impact those words made on my audience."

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