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Four Easy Ways to Get Your Content Creation Blooming

While some of us are hoping that pollen season is passing by, April is a great time to watch plants of the world bloom into amazing, poetic masterpieces.

Why not follow their example and focus on creating your own vault of masterful content? Here are four ways to water your mind and get those amazing pieces of content to bloom.

Rest Well

As with many creatures that are coming out of hibernation this spring, you need to make sure that you are getting enough rest. Sure, eight hours is the healthiest way to go but even if you can’t get all eight hours at once, grab a nap or two throughout the day. Many of us have dreams that become great stories or blog topics. Rest is necessary for your mind and body, and it can feed your imagination too.

Brain Dumps

In the corporate world, they would call this brainstorming. In the creative world, brain dumps are an excellent way to just let thoughts and ideas fall out onto your paper or computer. Don’t try to think too hard; put down whatever comes to mind and tackle the “good or bad” of it later. Consider talking with someone in your creative community to really get those thoughts flowing.

Explore Social Media

Much like news channels, social media will give you a plethora of trending topics that your audience is discussing or wanting to learn more about. Search platforms using specific hashtags related to your creative needs. Bloggers, consider using industry hashtags like #DIYBlogger, #LifestyleBlogger, #TravelBlogger and others. Storytellers, consider looking up genre hashtags such as #YaFiction, #RomanceFiction, #HistoricalFiction and #CrimeFiction, even #NonFiction topics too.

Introspective Reflection

Reflecting on your innermost thoughts and experiences creates a personal and impactful interaction with your audiences. Take designated time to come up with content that is informed by your experiences, from trauma or tragedy to self-care and life lessons. Sometimes it’s hard to pull from your exact experience—I highly recommend staying away from stating real names, especially in books because no one wants to get sued—but you can get close and alter identifiable information. Writing can be very therapeutic. It’s a beautiful thing, so don’t run from connecting yourself with your words. You never know who needs to read them to survive another day.

Use these tips to feed your creativity and trust that your words will blossom into masterpieces that rival the spring flowers.

H.E.R. Legacy offers monthly content consulting services to help you think through ideas for your blog, book or any content need you may have. Connect with us and get those words out exactly how you’ve envisioned them.

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