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Welcome to the New Year

Last November, H.E.R. Legacy celebrated 3 years of supporting creative individuals and businesses on their content and literary journey!!

We have served many creatives, writers, and small businesses from across industries. From choosing the best platforms for their words or discussing how to create authentic content for their site and book to uploading completed manuscripts to book retailers to ensure that they own their copyrights and royalties.

As the CEO and an Accountability Partner for writers, I'm more focused than ever on reaching further into industries to help identify and amplify content creators and storytellers. It hasn't been easy, but it's been an amazing journey so far.

I'm excited to share that I had a chance to talk about my experience in the creative world as both an author and small business owner with the editors of CanvasRebel.

Excerpt from the article:

"Niccole, thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us today. We’d love to hear the backstory behind a risk you’ve taken – whether big or small, walk us through what it was like and how it ultimately turned out.

When it comes to taking a risk, I’ve taken many in my forty years on this earth. As a midwest girl who was looking for her place in a big city while building her own avenue, I had to get comfortable with different levels of risk. Initially, I took a risk by moving from my home state, Missouri, all the way to Georgia with no job and only a couch to sleep on with my pup, thanks to my amazing cousin.

I risked it all again when I decided to completely revamp my career path, moving from a rising insurance leader into an entry-level marketing and communications position while still finding a home in a new city.

Yes, those were risks, but the biggest that I’ve taken was to pour my thoughts, words and messages out to the world through pages of a book. As a self-published author, one who started off in erotic romance, the thought of letting strangers read my inner intimate thoughts felt like the biggest mistake of my life. I constantly asked myself, “why would anyone read your stories,” or “you’re a Christian, and what will your family think?” Or even “the world is going to think that these characters are you,” and you know what, there’s a little truth to all those questions and that statement.

But no matter what, I had to heed the words that the incredible writer and author Toni Morrison shared, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” And so I did. I’ve told stories of black women scared to release their inner desires based on what they’ve learned, heard or the trauma they’ve been through, and even though they aren’t my stories, I know that someone out there had to relate, and so many have. Those earlier risks are what I call calculated risks; I can estimate up to about 85 percent what the outcome could be. But when I released those stories to the world, I had no clue what could happen. It was a life-changing risk that has not only reached an audience that has used my words to build their confidence, but it has also encouraged others to write their own stories, which has been a beautiful byproduct that has helped me in building my own creative writing agency, H.E.R. Legacy. Every risk is worth taking, even if the results don’t come out as you dreamt. You will always come out of it with an answer that will drive you to your next destination."

Your writing journey will be unique to you and we've found that it's easier to travel with a team. Contact us today to schedule your free 15-minute consultation to discuss how to map out your path.

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