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Break Through Writer’s Block in Four Ways

If you’ve reached this post because you’re currently dealing with writer’s block, you are not interested in some jazzy intro. You want the tips, and you want them now. Here you go:

Discover Similar Storylines

Find a book or movie in your genre to indulge in. Inspiration can come directly from others who have completed works in your genre.

Immerse Yourself

Go muse somewhere. Whether it is on a walk in the park or a coffee break at the shop down the street, go muse in your surroundings. Let a new environment invigorate your imagination. I promise it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant; my favorite place to go is to a Starbucks smack dab in the middle of the city.

Refresh Your Mind

Take a week off. I know, I know! I’m constantly talking about how consistency is key, but sometimes you do have to rest your mind. A week’s break will allow you to free your mind from your words. Of course, if something hits you midweek, capture it somewhere so you can return to it but be intentional about giving yourself a book break.

Connect with Other Writers

Sometimes the easiest way to break through a block is to talk it out with a fellow writer. H.E.R. Legacy hosts in-person writer meet-ups where local writers chat about their work and the obstacles they are facing. The mission is to walk out of the session with not only solutions to problems, but also more words on your pages. If you’re near Atlanta and want to grow your community, join us our March 25 Intimate Writers Meet-up. There are only 10 slots available, so reserve your spot today.

Writer’s block happens to the best writers, no matter the medium. Or maybe it’s just in our heads, and we need to heed Nikki Giovanni’s words; “There is no such thing as writer’s block. There is only not enough information. If you can't write, learn something.”

And we agree—learn something, go somewhere, talk to others, do something to help you move past this moment.

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