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5 Healthy Writing Habits for Writers

March Madness reaches farther than just college basketball. Life can get so hectic, and while some have kicked off the year with healthy physical habits, it’s important for creative writers to focus on establishing healthy writing habits to ensure that projects are completed throughout the year.


1. Stop Waiting on the Right Time to Write

Set aside dedicated time for writing each day. Consistency helps create a habit. Make sure that you are being realistic with timing too. Early morning, lunch and late-night writing sessions are common, but are there moments in traffic you can chat out your thoughts on your phone? Are there moments before or after errands that you can type out words on your phone? Find a time that suits your natural rhythm in life.


2. Create a Comfortable Writing Space

Designate a specific area for writing. Make it comfortable and free from distractions.

Consider factors like lighting, seating, and organization to create an inspiring environment. We just scheduled our first Intimate Writers Meet Up of the year where you can find time and space for writing, with a bonus of getting a new headshot.


3. Set Realistic Goals

Break your writing tasks into smaller, achievable goals. It can be word count, page count, or completing a specific section. Celebrate small victories to stay motivated.


4. Take Breaks and Move Around

Regular breaks improve focus and prevent burnout. Set a timer to remind yourself to stand, stretch, or take a short walk. Physical activity can stimulate creativity, so don't underestimate the power of a quick workout. Consider mixing break with physical activity by take a writing trip to a place where you find peace or can muse to help words flow.

5. Read Regularly

Reading not only exposes you to different writing styles but also enhances your vocabulary and creativity. Make time for both fiction and non-fiction to broaden your perspectives.

Remember, building healthy writing habits is a gradual process, and finding a routine that suits you may take time. By incorporating these practices, you can enhance your productivity, creativity, and overall well-being.

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