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Date Your Genre – Understand What Your Readers Want

Your words are powerful. You write character arcs that draw your readers in and sub-plots that twist their minds in circles. As you're writing those amazing words, keep in mind what your audience wants to read. These expectations aren’t meant to box you in, but to make sure your readers come back for more and more of your work.

First, you need to identify what your genre is. Then, ask yourself, and research, what is expected from this genre? For example, romance novels are known for a happily ever after (HEA) or a happy for now (HFN) ending, meaning that once you’re heading towards the completion of your book, don’t leave your readers hanging. Give them that sunshine ending or at least a nice sunset to fulfill their romantic desires.

Other genres, like fantasy, may not have an assumed ending, but they are typically between 50K and 150K words, whereas YA, or young adult books, should hit under 90K. Fantasy is also known for series so even if you run over 150K cosmic words, don’t stop there. Keep world-building and creating a villain-dissecting, protagonist-loving storyline that will take your novel to bestselling novel series heights.

With so many genres, and even more sub-genre options, it’s important to know where you fit and how to satisfy your readers. Research the genre, immerse yourself in similar works, and talk to fellow readers and writers. As always, H.E.R. Legacy is here to help you connect with the masses as you want. Sometimes it takes a team to get across the finish line but being confident about how to get there is the easiest way to carve your next steps.

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