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Let us help you through your writing journey.

H.E.R. Legacy provides thinkers, storytellers and emerging writers services to help create, publish and share their story with the world. We assist writers who are at various stages in:

  • Drafting a manuscript.

  • Self-publishing books. 

  • Creating content for blogs, podcasts, YouTube and other creative platforms.

  • Marketing support.

Creatives who are balancing a full-time position, with their writing passion, can find the path they need to complete their writing goals at H.E.R. Legacy. 

We assist in elevating your words as you retain ownership to your creative assets and intellectual property.




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Tenisha Hendon, Owner of 


I've had so many ideas cross my mind around how to communicate about my custom craft business but it wasn't until Niccole guided me through the ins and outs of blogging that I truly understood the impact those words made on my audience.

Anginique Walker, Owner of

A.P. Walker Consulting

The H.E.R. Legacy team was instrumental in ensuring that the web content for my business consulting website was clear and concise. They also provided recommendations on how I can maximize my SEO.  I truly value H.E.R. Legacy's thorough work, responsiveness and commitment to the success of my business.

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