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Welcome to H.E.R. Legacy. We provides thinkers, storytellers, emerging writers, bloggers, and content creators writing services to help produce, publish and share their words with the world. We assist writers and creators who are at various stages including:

  • Drafting a manuscript.

  • Self-publishing books. 

  • Creating content for blogs, podcasts, YouTube and other creative platforms.

  • Marketing content.

Creatives who are balancing a full-time position, with their writing passion, can find the path they need to complete their writing goals at H.E.R. Legacy. We assist in elevating your words as you retain ownership to your creative assets and intellectual property.

Would you like to discuss your ideas and needs before booking our services? Sign up for a free 30 minute consultation where we match up your needs with our expertise and programs. You are not along in this journey. The H.E.R. Legacy team believes in your voice, your words, and your purpose.

Let us help you through your writing journey.


Accountability is key in creating a legacy that last. Hire our team as your personal writing partner, self-publishing assistant or marketing team. Each service was designed with the busy and multi-tasking creative in mind. 

Each service connects you to a unique content creation program or service that tackles your needs head on. Take the next steps toward your legacy.


Step 1: Explore our services.

Step 2: Choose a date and time that fits into your schedule for a free consult.

Step 3: Choose a plan under the service(s) that fits your needs.

Then hit "book" and your journey begins. 

Note: Plans are available à la carte under Plans & Pricing.


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